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to Nature,
a circle of

We believe that each of us should act from this perspective.

Using sustainable materials and vegan-friendly ingredients, making choices based on knowledge and reason, and a dedication to ethical sourcing are all part of our credo. 

Giving back kindness to our Mother Nature is our responsibility and promise. Therefore, we will continuously support social projects that promote the values of environmental protection, sustainable materials and a healthy lifestyle.

Organic and active

Product quality checked and proven by certification bodies

Matinata products are certified organic according to the ECOGEA standard. Our labels transparently show the origin of each ingredient and the percentage of natural ingredients and ingredients from organic farming. For Matinata skincare customers, this means that they are holding a high-quality product in their hands whose ingredients and manufacturing processes have been thoroughly tested. The certificate is also proof that there are no misleading claims or marketing tricks and no so-called greenwashing.

Matinata is the first Croatian brand to bear the CosmEthically ACTIVE certificate. This certificate evaluates the cosmetic product according to its natural origin, the concentration of cosmetically active ingredients and thus represents an explicit confirmation of the effectiveness of the Matinata products.

Both certificates represent a confirmation of the potency of Matinata products.

Matinata packaging

Recyclable and reusable, protective for the formulas

The bottles are made of MIRON dark purple glass, which protects the delicacy and potency of our ingredients. Such bottles preserve the quality and potency of the product throughout its shelf life. The glass packaging is fully recyclable and leaves no harmful impact on the environment.

Our cardboard boxes are made from chlorine and acid-free paper, free of heavy metals and sourced from responsible forestry, and are ultimately fully biodegradable and recyclable.

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